Learn more about the LANDBANK Credit Card

Learn about the LANDBANK credit card now, the credit card that makes cash advances easy



If you are someone who prefers cash advances, making purchases in a very convenient cashless way from Mastercard accredited merchants, this credit card is for you. 

Introducing the LANDBANK credit card, a card that offers you security and ease, plus all the benefits with loyalty and advantage programs. 


General Features of LANDBANK credit card

The LANDBANK credit card, in addition to its many advantages, contains several features that ultimately benefit its users. You can highlight its global acceptance, at all Mastercard member banks and merchants (local and international), easy access to your money with almost 3 million ATMs around the world and partnership with more than 30 million accredited merchants.


You can and should take advantage of the loyalty and points program awarded to LANDBANK credit card users. For every P50 spent on the card, you earn one (1) point, which can later be used to make purchases, pay annual fees and other charges. 


It’s worth noting the cash advance the card provides, up to 30% of the credit limit the bank offers to customers – available only through ATMs of Mastercard member banks. And the lower interest rate at 2% per month.

Surprising no one, LANDBANK reduces card fraud in the actual card transaction, protecting your information and the card, with security features developed through EMV Technology. Also extending the additional feature of online shopping with the 3D one-time password security and notification when you shop online. 



Should you need it, you can call the 24-hour Customer Service Hotline for lost or stolen cards at 8 405 7000 and 1 800 10 405 7000.


In order to apply for your LANDBANK credit card, you must meet certain requirements. Check below what are the minimum requirements for you to enjoy this card.


The customer needs to be between 21 to 65 years old and have a minimum income source of P 150,000 and stable. In addition to not having any adversity in the credit information verification process. 

In terms of documentation, one needs to fill out two forms, Credit Card Application and Data Privacy Consent form. Plus a recent 1×1 photo for identification.


For employed persons you need of:

  • Proof of employment 
  • Proof of residence
  • Photo ID with a valid signature
  • Last income tax return
  • Pay slips for the last 3 months

Required for self-employed persons/self-employed business:

  • Registration documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission or Department of Trade and Industry
  • Photo ID with valid signature
  • Proof of residence
  • Latest ITR with BIR seal with audited financial statements

To apply for corporate credit cards you need

  • ITR for the last 3 years and audited financial statements
  • Application forms signed by the applicant(s)
  • List of key stakeholder/official names
  • Photo ID with valid signature of the applicant(s), corporate secretary(s) and director(s) of the corporation
  • Certificate of resolution of the Secretary’s board of directors authorizing: application for membership; designation of a corporate officer to sign for and on behalf of the corporation; issuance of the LANDBANK credit card to authorized personnel; proof of payment to LBP for purchases and/or advances made through the card by authorized personnel


Check below the table containing the interest rate information and others.

Card TypeCard Type
Annual Membership FeeClassic Gold
PrincipalP 1.000P 2.500
SupplementaryP 250P 1.000
Fee TypeFee Amount
Statement Printing/ Reprinting FeeP 100
Card Replacement FeeP 300 per card
Installment Pre-termination FeeWhichever is greater: P 300 or 5% of remaining balance
Sales Slip Retrieval FeeP 350
Returned Check FeeP 500
Cash Advance Fee5% of withdrawn amount (maximum limit P 200)
Foreign Exchange Conversion RateIn relation to Mastercard’s prevailing foreign currency conversion rate + 2% assessment + service fee
Fee TypeFee Amount
Minimum Amount Due (MAD)Installment amount +Amount Due+Whichever is greater: P 200 or 3% of the outstanding balance (less the installment amount and/or if there is an amount over the limit)+If there is: amount over limit
Attorney’s Fees and Other Judicial ExpensesIn cases of payment default: Cardholder agrees to pay the court costs (to be determined by the bank, as applicable), the cost of collection and/or attorney’s fees a litigation (in addition to late charges and interest)


Financial ChargeLate Payment Charge
Transactions: billing in single currency (Peso) to Peso and others in foreign currency2% per mês2.25% based on the minimum unpaid amount due

Go to the official website of landbank.com/ and download the application form and consent form to get your credit card, and you already enjoy the free annual fee for the first year.

Payment for the card 

There are several ways to pay your LANDBANK credit card bill, both online options, over the phone, and by going to a bank branch. Check them out below and choose your favorite.

The first ways are probably the most common and famous, through the LANDBANK Mobile Banking App, lbpiaccess.com – although you need to sign up at your account branch -, and the LANDBANK iAccess portal, lbp-eservices.com/egps/portal/index.jsp.

You can also call the Call Center at (+632) 8 405 7000, as well as make an automatic debit arrangement (ADA), or go to the LANDBANK branch nearest you.

Payment is subject to penalties in cases of late payment. Watch for the due date. For more information and details, go to landbank.com and check the Terms and Conditions of the benefits program.

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