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If you want to fly for free, you are in the right place. In addition to all the benefits of a Visa-backed credit card, the Kulula Gold Credit Card guarantees free flying. You can let the Kulula Moolah accumulate and use it to pay for a full ticket, or use what you have and pay the remaining amount with the help of the Kulula Gold Credit Card.

This gives you the freedom to manage the Kulula Moolah you earn. If you are wondering if there are any restrictions on redeeming Kulula Moolah for flights, don’t worry; there are none. In any class, whatever seat is available, you can make the reservation.


Kulula Gold Credit Card Benefits

By spending over R1000 through your new Kulula Gold credit card in the first month, you get R200 kulula moolah. For your daily purchases, if you use the Kukula card, they will give you up to 3% as credit in the form of kulula moolah. It also offers 5kg of bonus bag space on all kulula flights. In addition, the interest free credit period is also up to 55 days. For your purchases of more than R200, you get a budget facility and the repayment time is 6-60 months. You won’t miss many places when you can easily shop with the kulula credit card at over 22 million stores worldwide.


Insurance and promotions

The Kulula Gold Credit Card offers free online signing and bank registration along with free moolah messaging. When you purchase travel tickets paid in full with the Kulula Gold credit card, you get free global travel insurance. They also offer advance sales on Kulula, as well as exclusive Kulula Gold Credit Card promotions.


How do I qualify for a Kulula Gold Credit Card?

To apply for a kulula credit card, here’s what you need to have. You must be at least 18 years old, with a monthly income of R6,700 or R80,000 annual income. You must be able to provide a valid email address, as well as a valid bank account. In the documents, you will also need to provide a copy of your last pay slip. You are also required to provide proof of residence and your South African identification (green barcode). In addition, you will need to provide your bank statements for the last few months. After ensuring the above requirements are met, you are ready to go.

Kulula Moolah

As you make purchases and payments with the kulula credit card, cash receipt will be in the form of kulula moolah. This is a great way to buy tickets both for your friends and family and for yourself. And if you are organizing a trip for a group, this is the best deal ever! You can use kulula moolah and pay, either partially or fully, for the flights you book on kulula.com.



But how do you earn moolah? Well, it depends on the spending you do every month, depending on your transactions, you will get kulula moolah accordingly, and all you have to do is use your kulula credit card whenever you make purchases or any financial transaction almost anywhere. For one month, using your kulula gold credit card, if you spend less than R5000, you will earn 3% back as kulula moolah. But, this is not all that this card offers.

Spending between R5001 and R10,000 on the credit card will earn you 2% back in kulula moolah and if you spend between R10001 – R20,000, you can earn 1% back in kulula moolah. Remember that you will not earn kulula moolah when you have capped your spending limit of R20,000. Another thing to keep in mind is that any kulula moolah you have earned in month #1, expires in the sixth.


Redeeming the Kulula Gold credit card

You can buy flights by visiting kulula.com using the kulula moolah. In addition, you will have the TravelBank account opened for you, and this TravelBank account will track the kulula moolah spending record. You can visit kulula.com, choose a flight, and then simply log into TravelBank. When you get to the payment page, the option is to choose to partially or fully purchase tickets for your flights through kulula moolah while selecting TravelBank as your preferred payment method. You can pay by credit card gold kulula moolah and kulula moolah.


You will receive a free R200 kulula moolah if you spend at least 1000 in the first month using your new Kulula Gold Credit Card. You can also make a R360 equivalent of kulula moolah to pay for airport or flight fees if you spend R2000 for six months. To get these rewards and bonuses, you must pay the fees and buy airline tickets using your kulula credit card.


When will you not earn Kulula Moolah?

You will not be able to earn kulula moolah on ATM transactions as well as internet transactions. You will also not earn kulula moolah by using your credit card for fuel and similar transactions. Cash withdrawals and purchases with travelers’ checks will also not earn you kulula moolah. Finance charges, government taxes, and registration and account service fees will also not earn you kulula moolah. If your account has dues, you will not earn any kulula moolah unless you pay the required amount.

The Complete Travel Insurance

Using the Gold kulula credit card, each return ticket you buy will give you free travel insurance that applies to both local and international travel. Remember, you can only get full global travel insurance if you buy a full fare return ticket on your Gold credit card for travel in South Africa and other countries that are specified in the company’s policy. The coverage automatically applies to those with the tickets and lasts for the initial 90 days of your trip.

Insurance Eligibility

You must be a citizen of South Africa or other countries that are specified in the company’s policy. The age limit is also 70, after which, the insurance does not apply. However, the company offers coverage for more insurance plans that you can purchase using the gold credit card. South African citizens and long-term guests in the country can use the Gold Kulula credit card; it is a good option for better financial management.

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