Learn about all the benefits of buying your car with Splash Auto Finance Car loan

Take up to $50,000 to buy a car across Canada at several dealerships at the same time despite bad credit



The Splash Auto Finance company is a department of Canada-based Rifco National Auto Finance, one of the largest non-chartered banks for popular auto financing. The company was founded in 2002 in Red Deer, Alberta. 

This division offers bad credit auto loans throughout Canada (except Quebec) working in partnership with more than 500 dealerships. The company has provided over $1 billion in financing since its beginning and is best for customers with zero or bad credit.

Splash Auto Finance Quick Preview


  • Low start-up interest rate
  • Comparatively large amounts of loans available
  • Over 500 dealer partners


  • Rigorous qualification requirements
  • Credits locked to specific dealerships
  • No availability in Quebec

Is Splash Auto Finance legally authorized?

Splash Auto Finance is a legitimate business which is based on extensive consumer analysis of online companies. Has a permanent mailing address in Red Deer and a vast network of over 500 partner dealership locations. Splash Auto Finance also has both Facebook and Instagram accounts, even though both of these accounts have been pretty inactive for a number of years.


Splash Auto Finance Loan functionalities

Featurestuffs and details


APR Variations: 9.90% to 31.0%

Type of interest rate: Fixed



Min. loan size: $5,000

Max. loan size: $50,000


Terms of loan: 24 – 84 months

Charges: $649 application charge


Supported Provinces: Any province and territories (excluding Quebec )

Standard eligibility requirements: Income minimum $2,200 /month, 3+ months of employment, Min. 300 credit points.

Key benefits of Splash Auto Finance

Prospect with potential for affordable rates: rates usually start at 9.9% (even though you may pay as high as 31% if you’re wrestling with poor credit).

Poor credit claims have the potential to apply: Splash Auto Finance serves borrowers with zero or bad credit.

Major Amounts: Take out a $5,000 or more mortgage to help finance your next car.

Prompt Payoff: Its loan will usually be paid out to the dealership to settle for your car as soon as 24 hours after being approved.

Extensive dealership network: Buy from over 500 dealers all over Canada to choose the right car for you and your needs (except Quebec).

Splash Auto Finance overview

Features and details

BBB approved: No

BBB Grade: A+

Facebook comments: 4.6 stars (out of 9 reviews)

Reviews from customers verified as of August 11, 2022

Some Splash Auto Finance reviews state the company offered fast payment and reasonable rates on auto loans that customers could not qualify for elsewhere. Others indicate that Splash Auto charges hidden fees and engages in harmful collection practices, such as telephone harassment, along with its parent company, Rifco. They also indicate that it can be difficult to contact the company to discuss the loan once it is paid off.

How to Be Qualified For a Splash Auto Finance Loan?

You are eligible for a Splash Auto Finance loan if you fulfill with the following several criterias:

  1. A Canadian citizen or a permanent resident possessing a valid ID card
  2. The age of majority in your state or territory
  3. Have a minimum pre-tax household incomes of $2,200 or more in each month
  4. Have been employed on a full-time contract basis for a minimum of 6 months under their existing employer
  5. No permanent resident of Quebec

Documents Needed

This may require that you provide all of the following supporting documents before you can apply for Splash Auto Finance:

Evidence of age/address: a government issued proof of photo ID, like passport or license; some secondary ID, such as credit card or public utility bill

Evidence of Earnings/Employment: Recent bank records, recent payslips, written letter from your employer

Storage Information: Account information from your bank to set up automated withdrawals

A consent to perform a credit check: A commitment to Splash Auto Finance to have access to your credit record

Where can I contact Splash Auto Finance?

You can reach Splash Auto Finance by either calling their direct customer service line or you can send them an email. Splash Auto Finance’s business hours are Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm (ET) and weekends from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (ET).

And how expensive will a loan from Splash Auto Finance be?

The borrowing cost of Splash Auto Finance loans will vary according on your personal situation:

A credit score: For example, you’ll pay the lowest rates starting at 9.9% with decent credit and higher rates up to 31% with bad credit (usually a score below 650).

Charges. There are no setup charges for taking out a Splash Auto Finance loan, but some customers complain that they were charged hidden fees after obtaining the loan.

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