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With its many perks, free fees, benefits and discounts, the HSBC Visa Classic credit card attracts a lot of attention, making it the perfect card for you who want to save on fees. Although it is an exclusive card and has demanding requirements, for those who are eligible, it is not a card you will want to miss out on.

Rewards and card offers

The HSBC Visa Classic credit card offers numerous offers and opportunities every day to its customers. It’s the ideal card for people who like to spend but also like to save. Check out the rewards available to customers!


With it you can get up to 50% off shopping, travel, dining, spa, beauty and entertainment at hundreds of HSBC partners and up to 50% off at hundreds of partners worldwide.


You can convert your purchases made on the card into flexible monthly payments. And enjoy the reward program, in which you earn reward points on your daily spending and exchange them for cash, miles, groceries, gifts, annual fee, dinners, grocery vouchers, and more.


Enjoy and earn a reward of up to VND 5,000,000 by referring family and friends to be top HSBC Visa credit card holders.

Get your favorite items and convert them into a 0% interest installment payment plan with no conversion fee and up to 24 months term at HSBC partners. 



Make purchases starting from VND 2 million with your HSBC credit card, at merchants not on the HSBC partner list to convert to 0% installment plan with only 1.25% conversion fee.

Benefits of HSBC Visa Classic

Apart from the various rewards that the HSBC Visa Classic credit card offers you, it also has several daily perks and free fees that you get to enjoy with the card. Check them out below:


  • 0% annual fee
  • Up to 50% daily cashback
  • Up to 55 days interest free
  • 100% interest discount for the first 3 statements 
  • 0% interest payment plan in installments with HSBC partners
  • 0% interest payment plan with no conversion fee with hundreds of HSBC partners
  • 0% interest payment plan with low conversion rate only from 1.25% applied for VND 2 million spending at any merchant you want
  • Buy 2 CGV tickets of VND 100,000

What are the requirements?

Because the HSBC Visa Classic credit card is an exclusive card, you need to meet some particular requirements and present the correct documentation. Check out the requirements below. In order to get an HSBC Visa Classic credit card you need to be

Be 18 years of age or older.


A minimum monthly income of VND 8 million is required for Vietnamese salaried persons, while VND 15 million is required for Vietnamese entrepreneurs or self-employed persons and foreigners*. 

Be a resident of the following city and provinces: Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Bac Ninh, Binh Duong, Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Hai Duong, Hai Phong, Hanoi, Hue, Hung Yen, Hoi An, Long An, Da Nang, Tay Ninh and Vinh Phuc. 

And in cases of foreigners, those who stay in Vietnam have at least 12 consecutive months residence permit at the time of application.

*If you do not meet the income requirements, you can apply for the credit card with a term deposit guarantee.

What documentation is required?

Regarding the required documentation, in order to apply for the HSBC Visa Classic Credit Card you need to

Present identity document(s) of the primary applicant and supplementary(s) if you have one. And present a copy of the foreigner’s visa/temporary residence card or employment authorization.

Complete the HSBC Visa Classic credit card application form and submit the original copy.

If you are salaried, you need bank statements for the last 3 months, if you are commissioned, you need the last 6 months. In cases of self-employed the list is longer. Required are: the last 6 months bank statement, last 6 months VAT declaration (audited by the Tax Department), previous year’s tax declaration audited by the Tax Department.

Also required is some proof of current residence. This can be either an electricity bill, water bill, telephone bill (E-bill is not acceptable), some correspondence from a bank, business or Insurance, or a proof of address from an immediate family member. If you do not have a current address, a temporary residence card, valid Temporary Residential Registration, valid Family Residential Confirmation or KT3 is acceptable.

Proof of employment and income of the primary applicant. This can be a contract, certificate of employment or salaried.

What about fees and charges?

Types of feesDetails
Annual fee – Primary card0% annual fee on card
Annual fee – supplementary card0% annual fee on card
Advance fee – cash at ATM (per transaction)4% of cash advance (minimum VND 50,000)
Minimum paymentThe following amounts are included: 5% of the outstanding balance (minimum VND 50,000)
Any installment payment amount
The greater of the amount due or the limit amount
Finance charge33% per year **
Will be nil if by the due date of each month the total statement balance is paid, and if no cash advance is used 
Late charge4% of the minimum amount due (minimum: VND 80,000 and maximum VND 630,000)
Management fee applied for foreign currency transactions3.75% of the value of each transaction
Credit limit feeVND 100,000

** The finance charge is subject to change according to local regulatory demands.

HSBC Visa Classic Payment

You can settle your balance easily in the following ways:

  1. Transfer: make account transfer from other banks to your card.
  2. Cash Deposit: Visit a branch and deposit money on your credit card.
  3. AutoPay: Direct debit from your designated account on the payment due date.

Transfer from your HSBC account: Transfer funds from your HSBC bank account in order to settle your card

  • By registering on the official HSBC Bank website at, and downloading the “HSBC Vietnam” application
  • Directly at an ATM
  • Or by calling the Call Center

Payment at connected Payoo stores. If in doubt, go to the official site of HSBC for more details and informations.

What is the application process?

The application process for your HSBC Visa Classic credit card is identical to the online process for all Visa cards.

First go to the bank’s official website and search for your desired card. When you select “Apply now” you need to choose your application gift and click “Continue application”. Soon after, enter your details and wait for the SMS with the security code. Follow the instructions.

Separate the required documents, attach them, and upload them along with the completed application. Now all you have to do is wait! The bank will process your application in the next few days and contact you.

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